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Cat treats - MaMeow

Cat treats - MaMeow

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Here are the MaMeow cat treats, 40g 

Ingredients: Organic barley flour, Alaskan salmon oil, hemp oil, organic catnip, eggs and water. 

 Why choose MaMeow

Because they only contain natural, healthy and low-fat ingredients. Our treats are made with Alaskan salmon oil, hemp oil, catnip, eggs and organic barley flour. Catnip is found both in our dough mix and loose in the WHY bag? 

  • Promotes digestion when ingested
  • Prevents hairball problems. 
  • Creates a feeling of well being when felt by the cat. 

As for salmon oil and hemp oil, they offer great properties for the general health of our pets. Salmon oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3-6) which greatly aid your cat's coat shine, hair loss and immunity. For its part, hemp oil is a powerful anti-oxidant, rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. 


Lhe mission of Animaux is to offer natural products, WITHOUT preservatives, WITHOUT coloring, reduced in salt, in fat, WITHOUT corn, WITHOUT soy and WITHOUT wheat. By giving our treats to your cats you know exactly what they are eating and they are therefore 100% happy!

** Sizes and colors may vary since all of our cookies are handmade and baked